InetSupervisor Migration


InetSupervisor Migration

Are you constantly having Flash compatibility errors or your preferred Browser no longer supports Flash? Is your IT department giving you a hard time about forcing you to upgrade your system to a new operating system? Are you looking to expand your system and wish to take advantage of BACnet/IP, Modbus or other protocols and share the data with your existing LNS data as if it were one integrated system? Is your current system obsolete or no longer supported without getting a substantial invoice for minimal results? Stuck with Application Specific Controller solutions only and wish to be able to fully program your own strategies?

If you have answered "Yes" to any of these questions and you have no interest in going out for a major capital expense to replace your entire BAS system then you need to consider our relatively easy and inexpensive HMI upgrade to OPIX Now!

OPIX Now! is not JAVA or Flash dependent; runs on any version of MS-Windows and can use your existing hardware database, plug-ins, wizards, graphic library including animations! Take advantage of our OPIX Now! Portal Windows Desktop/Mobile App and have full access to all your sites with additional layers of security. There is nothing in your existing system that OPIX Now! is not able to use with the least amount of effort. You will no longer required to use third party applications to build your animated graphic icons or templates. Wih our OPIX Now! integrated Designer your existing graphic pages can be modified or completely reconstructed in a minimal amount of time with your choice of using your old graphic animation library, with our include graphic animation library or any other graphic libray you may choose. Mix and match if you feel your artistic side fighting to get out. Create your own unique designs using your favorite 3rd party designer software and import them into your new site library of icons and animations. We are open to almost anything you come up with. Our goal is to be as open as possible.

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